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At TCF Academy, we’re on a mission to usher in a decade of conscious leadership to cure the malaise of employee disengagement. We want employees to feel fulfilled, loyal and engaged so that they don't work to live but rather have one fulfilling life. 

With the creation of TCF Academy, access to the easiest fix for the hardest thing in business™—culture—is no longer limited. Through a monthly subscription, coaches can become Culture Fix Actuators and bring the proven, custom Culture Fulfillment™ program to their clients. Actuators join a supportive network and can access the full suite of tools—from the methodologies to the strategies, from surveys to case studies, from sample scripts to instructional videos that share the iterative process of turning core values into a valued culture.

Why is workplace culture important?

Great company cultures have never been more important. The world has changed and organizations are desperate to retain and attract top performers. This has led to a huge demand for culture coaching, yet there is a need for proven tools, a framework and a community where culture coaches can benefit from sharing transformational experiences.

2/3rds of all employees are disengaged

Gallup 2021

'Uncaring leaders' was #1 reason people left a job without another in hand 

Mckinsey & Company 2022

50% of the workforce is actively searching for a new job

Gallup 2021

Everything you need to bring cultures Alive, make them Thrive and use them to Drive performance™

TCF Academy is based on the bestselling book The Culture Fix® by Will Scott that has taken countless organizations from core values to a valued culture using his 9 Deeds in 90 Days™.

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Culture Fulfillment from the Academy is a step-by-step, train-the-trainer solution that meets the needs of organizations and the desires of the coaches that want to help them.

Proven Custom Solution

Using the 9 Deeds in 90 Days™, you will take your clients from core values to a valued culture that is unique to them.

Full Suite of Culture Tools 

Access to strategies, surveys, case studies, sample scripts, and instructional videos on the iterative process of Culture Fulfillment. 

Low Investment, Big Return 

Earn a great income working a few days per month doing noble work on your terms for just $299/mo.

Community of Culture Coaches 

From TCF Academy staff to fellow Actuators, join a community of like-minded individuals who are changing lives.

Perfect Addition to Your Practice 

Culture Fulfillment allows you to bring a new service to your existing clients or secure new clients with a broader offering.

Our pool of talented Actuators is growing and together we are doing meaningful work, changing lives, and building our coaching practices.

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What companies impacted by Culture Fulfillment are saying

“I knew my company’s culture was very important and The Culture Fix Academy was exactly what I needed to define it and make it thrive.” 

- Mike Stratta, CEO, Arcalea, and EO Chicago

“Will understands the importance of caring about how people feel in the workplace. And his easy to follow methods are a simple blueprint that every leader can use to make sure their team and their company are performing.”

- Rachel Nielsen, CEO, Result Drivers

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